Activities for 2-4 Year Olds to Do At Home

Introduce your child to STEAM with these fun projects! 

STEAM Projects You Can Do Today

Apple Science

Have you ever noticed that if you slice an apple in the morning, it turns brown by lunch? This is actually a chemical reaction at work!

Learn More: Apple Science 

Capillary Action Rainbow

Discover the magic of color mixing and capillary action with this easy and exciting science project! 

Learn More: Capillary Action Rainbow

Jumping Frog Experiment

Have you ever experienced a static shock when you touch something metal? The shock is because of static electricity which can cause materials to attract or repel each other. Learn about static electricity with these jumping frogs!

Learn more: Jumping Frog Experiment

 DIY Suncatcher

Upcycle container lids using glue and food coloring to make beautiful suncatchers. 

Learn More:  DIY Suncatcher

Erupting Ice Chalk

With just baking soda, cornstarch and liquid color you can make these freezable paints and make fizzy art.

Learn More:Erupting Ice Chalk

Nature’s Alphabet

Search out each letter of the alphabet on an outdoor adventure! 

Learn more: Nature’s Alphabet 

Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

Get to know your ABCs and 123s! Fill sandwich bags with rice, letters, and numbers to create a game of Find and Seek. 

Learn more:Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

Rainbow Refraction

Use this colorful experiment to teach your kids about refraction of light and color mixing.

Learn more: Rainbow Refraction

Bubble Bottles

All you need is a plastic bottle, some soap and a sock and you’ll have a blast blowing a GAZILLION bubble suds!

Learn more: Bubble Bottles

Mason Jar Terrarium

Explore your backyard to search for rocks, dig up moss and make this terrarium jar.

Learn more: Mason Jar Terrarium

Build a Blanket Fort

Grab some sheets, blankets, clothespins and use these tips and tricks for how to build the best blanket fort ever!

Learn more:Build a Blanket Fort

Celery Experiment

How do plants get water from their roots all the way to their leaves? This simple celery experiment shows how colored water travels up a celery stalk!

Learn more: Celery Experiment

Frozen Yogurt Bark

All you need is honey, yogurt, vanilla and a little imagination to make this delicious frozen yogurt bark.  Decorate with colorful fruits and nuts!

Learn more: Frozen Yogurt Bark

Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Make a simple sidewalk paint using water, cornstarch, baking soda and color that washes away.

Learn more: Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint 

Indoor Hopscotch

Make a hopscotch board in your house! Hop along with us and see how we made it.

Learn more: Indoor Hopscotch

Cloud Dough

Made with only 2 ingredients, this dough is light and airy but clumps together like clouds!

Learn more: Cloud Dough


These little eggheads are an adorable project! Just plant the grass seeds and watch the hair grow. You can even use these eggheads as seed-starter pots because they are biodegradable and full of calcium for your plants! 

Learn more: Eggheads

Animal Face Toast

Make lunch more with Animal Face Toast.

Learn more: Animal Face Toast

Salt Dough Dinosaurs

Press plastic animals into salt dough to make modern fosssils!

Learn more: Salt Dough Dinosaurs

Roll and Color Game

Introduce your kids to Roy G. Biv! (=Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet — or the colors in the rainbow spectrum). This simple game makes practicing colors fun. 

Learn more: Roll and Color Game

Dinosaur Hat

Dinosaurs are creatures of the past, but you can bring them back to life with this easy, low-mess DIY project! We had so much fun using our imagination to imagine what our dinosaur might look like. 

Learn more: Dinosaur Hat

STEAM Projects Delivered to Your Door

Under the Sea

Experiment with color mixing to create tie-dye, colorful fish. Build a fishing rod and try to catch your fish (while practicing fine motor skills!). Explore different sea creatures with a bath-friendly nesting puzzle.

Doctor’s Visit

Assemble and decorate a medical kit, complete with thermometer, stethoscope, and plenty of felt bandages. Use your medical tools and handy doctor checklist to check your patients’ ears, throat, heart, and more. Then use some felt bandages to make them all better!

Music & Rhythm

Make a xylophone and write your own music. Play some jingles on your own koala-shaped tambourine. Decorate your dancing streamer with colorful dots for movement fun.

Little Artist

Introduce your little one to the world of art with painting and sculpture projects! Paint your own brightly colored masterpiece and create a color block painting. Use a shake painting technique to create an abstract sculpture with colorful beads and shapes. Even sign your name to personalize an art smock to make crafting a little more neat!

A STEAM Subscription to Boost Learning

Koala Crate

Koala Crate helps young learners build a strong foundation in STEAM by introducing concepts like physics, biology, and math through play!

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  1. I love you guys at KIWICo. I have sent your crates to my 12 grandchildren who LOVE the activities and are of all ages from teen to 3. I teach autistic 3-5 year olds and am loving your at home activities for this age group. Some things Ive had to streamline but they are awesome. Keep it coming!!!

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