Blast off into Space with KiwiCos Awesome Astronaut Starter Kit

Jul 15, 2020 / By Leslie Jonath

What do your kids want to do when they grow up?

When we interviewed kids to find out what they dreamed of becoming when they grew up, being an astronaut was high on nearly everyone’s list. (Honestly, a lot of us want to be astronauts too!) To help give kids a jumpstart on this dream we created the Astronaut Starter Kit (part of our new Professions series in the KiwiCo Store, which also include a Vet Starter Kit, for all the animal lovers out there.) The Astronaut Starter Kit is complete with hands-on projects and fun facts designed to spark wonder and “whoa, awesome!” reactions.

Did you know that astronauts orbiting the Earth can see the sun rise every 45 minutes? Or that because there is no wind or water on the moon, the footprints astronauts left there will last for millions of years? These are just a few of the out-of-this world facts your child will find in theAstronaut’s Guide included in the kit!


Becoming an astronaut requires a love of learning and commitment to curiosity. With KiwiCo’s Astronaut Starter Kit, your child can start their journey to the stars without leaving your home!

Have we mentioned we love space?! If your kids want more out of this world activities, make sure to check out all the cool space content at Camp KiwiCo!

Kiwi Camp: Fun with Flight (ages 5-8)

Explore the phenomenon of space travel and learn how rockets use thrust to fly to space! Check out other hands-on activities on day two of Kiwi Camp.

Tinker Camp: All About Stars (ages 9-12)

Experience science that’s out of this world! Discover what stars are made of, explore the brilliant stories behind constellations, and learn how to find the North Star on day five of Tinker Camp.

We’d love to see your kids’ “whoa, awesome!” moments! Share photos and videos on Instagram and tag us at @kiwico_inc. Don’t forget to include #kiwico!

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