Kiwi Crates New Box

Apr 4, 2013 / By Marcella

Just in time for Earth Day—we’ve redesigned our box!

All about our new box

  • Our new box is much more eco-friendly. Producing, packing, and shipping this box uses much less paper and packaging.
  • The manufacturer of our new box only uses cardboard produced from sustainable forests, as defined by Sustainable Forestry Initiative. (Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a nonprofit, international organization that promotes responsible forest management. We’re happy to provide our manufacturer’s approval ID number on request.)
  • We’ve changed our box’s inside, too. We’ve removed the lid sticker and closing sticker, as well as the adhesive associated with both. This helps our box to use less material.

To encourage our subscribers to get more use out of the box before recycling it, our packaging is working much harder!

Instead of a lid sticker and tissue paper, you’ll now be receiving a fun box insert, illustrated with this month’s theme. The reverse side of the box insert is now printed with a Kiwi playmate and friend kids can cut out and play with. On the insert’s sides, you’ll see more fun facts about this month’s theme…along with as a silly knock-knock joke to share.

The inside of the box is printed with an outdoor scene. Cutting off the top flap turns the box into a cozy play area for the paper Kiwi and friend, to encourage imaginative play before the box is recycled.

We really appreciate all the great feedback that led us to make this exciting change, and we look forward to seeing all the new uses our subscribers find for their new boxes!

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