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Hands-on fun and learning for budding innovators

We believe that children learn by playing and doing.

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Koala Crate was created to expose preschoolers to new materials, tools, and concepts for hands-on learning and fun.

As parents, we know it's not always easy to provide these quality experiences for our children, and want to make it easy and convenient to build, explore, and create together.

We're grateful to play a part in this journey with you!

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    Our science and art projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.

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Ocean Games

Make a splash with science and math! Use a fishing pole to catch all sorts of felt sea creatures — from fin-tastic fishes to friendly turtles. Practice sorting them by size, color, critter type — or all three! Create a colorful pair of mosaic marine animals while practicing your color-matching skills.

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Doctor's Visit

Explore empathy through pretend play! Assemble and decorate a medical kit, complete with thermometer, stethoscope, and plenty of felt bandages. Use your medical tools and handy doctor checklist to check your patients' ears, throat, heart, and more. Then use some felt bandages (and maybe a hug) to make them all better!

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Add some color to your day — with rainbows! Discover how rainbows are formed, and create a stained glass landscape using colorful squares and cut-out shapes of mountains and trees. Explore color-mixing by designing and dyeing a rainbow tote bag. Stuff and fluff a cloud pillow, covering it with colorful felt stickers arranged into the shape of . . . a rainbow!

Sample crate!


Get creative with camping, and have a pretend play adventure! Build a fire to brighten up your campsite using a tea-light and some paper flames. Roast a s'more snack and a hearty hotdog (and don't forget the fabric ketchup!). Decorate a beary useful backpack in which to tuck away your camp tools when you're all done.

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7,099 Koala Crate reviews


The N

Because the boxes help develop physical,mental and emotional skills for kids. We live it.

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Rebecca P

My daughter loves your products and learns something new every time. And its cute and entertaining for us both!

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Susannah S

We love the koala crate! The activities are interesting and at just the right level for my daughter to work on with little to no help from me. She loves learning new things and exploring the world around her with the koala crate!

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Pia A

Love the materials used, the content , creativity with games, the books. Love the whole package!

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Rebecca A

Weve really enjoyed the products and have been subscribers for years. Weve already made similar recommendations.

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