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We’re proud to deliver science & art projects to spark moments of whoa, awesome. Over 25 million crates of fun... and counting!


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Viet T

Well thought-out toys, environmental friendly material.

Koala Crate
Whitney C

They are intricate and complex but not so hard my son cant complete it. Just difficult enough that he remains engaged and proud when hes done!

Eureka Crate
Wendy H

This is the best thing I could have subscribed too

Kiwi Crate

I love to do the activities with my children and I think they are learning a lot in a hands on way

Atlas Crate
Taylor L

My daughter loves Kiwi Co. She has created some very cool projects and is proud of herself for whats shes created each month. The directions are easy to follow but also develop instruction following skills, which I am thankful for as a parent!

Tinker Crate
Teagan J

Great projects and quality pieces for each activity

Kiwi Crate
Susan F

My youngest LOVES his crates! He opens them right up and focuses on the task for hours sometimes. The projects are amazing! High quality materials, well engineered, easy instructions, and lots of cool extra info. Highly recommend!

Eureka Crate
Sara M

I think the toys are super fun! My son loves all of them and also the books!

Panda Crate
Tanya A

Its brilliant, so well designed and its wonderful how absolutely everything you need is included. Also love the unusual creative projects. Ive been recommending it to friends.

Tinker Crate
Susie C

The projects are creative, cute, and fun. My 9 year old daughter is easily able to do them on her own and looks forward to a new one each month!

Doodle Crate