Science, Engineering & Art for 5-8 Year Olds

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Roller Coaster Physics: Ferris Wheel


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Marine Biologist Starter Kit


Astronaut Starter Kit


Science of Cooking: Ice Cream


Colorful Chemistry


Crystal Chemistry Garden


Basketball Catapult


Oil + Water Chemistry


Fort Builder Kit


Cannonball Launcher


Solar Crayon Recycler


Marble Run + Art Easel


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Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup


Paleontologist Starter Kit


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Learn at Home with Science Kits for 5-8 Year Olds

Opt for less screen time and more family fun — with project kits packed with hands-on learning! We deliver our science kits to your door with all the materials that your little adventurer needs to get started. We design each of our science kits to make sure that the instructions are easy to follow and that every project teaches a new skill in a way that entertains and excites. Inspire a lifelong interest in STEM and empower your kids to create something amazing!