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Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Metamorphosing Butterfly


What you get

Get snug as a bug with science and animal biology! Explore the life cycle of butterflies with this cute caterpillar plushie that transforms into a brilliant butterfly. Play a caterpillar matching game, and learn about a variety of moths and butterflies — from monarchs to glasswings to blue morphos.

Dimensions: 11 inches (L) x 10 inches (W) x 4 inches (H)

Material: Polyester

Care Instructions: Spot clean only

Comes as a finished product, not a DIY building kit.





From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I love that the calm, little smile stays the same for both the caterpillar and butterfly! It made the sewing tricky, but we wanted to show that even through big changes, it's still the same bug.

By the numbers

Samples tested for maximum cuteness: 15

Butterfly and caterpillar photos taken and shared with the team during development (we found monarchs and blue morphos!): 8

Hugs the plush butterfly received: countless



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Josies Lolly
Aug 14 2021

My 4 year old grand daughter loves butterflies and has the flowers planted that attract the caterpillars that eventually turn into Monarchs. She is way more knowledgeable at the young age of 4 than I ever hope to be! This was the perfect gift for her. She of course loves the butterfly!!! The entire kit is perfect for her even though she just turned 4. Not having tv as a babysitter, and parents that read with her daily, has had a definite impact on her development.

Jul 24 2021

Loved it!!

Jun 16 2021

We loved this box, especially since we found caterpillars that we placed in a habitat. They have formed their cocoons, so we are waiting for the butterflies. Madisyn really enjoyed the match game!

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