Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Chemistry Play Lab


What you get

Set up your own mini-lab, try some experiments, and learn about science! You get all the gear you need, plus a guide with step-by-step illustrated instructions for 11 fun experiments to explore — like “tie-dying” milk, making gummy bears grow (whoa!), and exploring color-mixing. Beakers, test tubes, graduated cylinders, funnels, and fit in a specially designed storage box that does double and triple duty as a water-play station, sensory bin, and lab rack. Time to splash, play, and learn!




Storage Bin



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Nov 13 2022

Awesome kit! Kids 3-5 love it. Easy to use. Made for kids

Jan 10 2022

My 3, soon to be 4, year old daughter absolutely loves this chemistry set. Since opening it a week ago, she has played with it several times for hours at a time. My husband did a couple of the experiments with her the first time but since then, she just likes playing with the beakers and funnels and the dropper etc. We add a little food coloring (like is used in one of the experiments) to make colored ice cubes and she gets excited about that. She will add in some of her other little characters and let’s them “swim”. The only draw back is that she gets soaking wet but hey, it’s just water and keeps her occupied. Great buy, mom for the win!

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Jan 4 2022

So impressed with the quality and everything provided in this kit. I especially love that it can all be stored in the plastic bin when not being used. It has provided hours of fun experiments, discovery, and imaginative play!

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