Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Color Changing Slime


What you get

Explore the science of thermochromism — with squishy slime that shifts color when it changes temperature! Mix and knead two batches of colorful slime, then draw on them with an ice-water-dipped stylus to see their color-change powers in action. Ready to have a slime of a time?




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Getting the colors to change at exactly the right temperature was tricky. It took a lot of sampling and testing to figure out the balance, but now we know a ton about thermochromic materials in general.

By the numbers

Slimes made: 34

Ice cubes melted in slime: 50

Color changes seen during testing: too many to count!



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B, Z's Mom
Nov 22 2022

So much fun! My kiddo loves making slime, it's a big go to in our house, but the color changing slime made it extra special. This is also a different recipe than what we use at home, which also made it a bit more exciting.

Oct 26 2022

Worked as intended! Was so neat! Def wash your hands before and after using so that mold is less likely to grow on it.

Apr 5 2021

I am very anti slime as a mom. Too much mess and rarely works out. But I figured if anybody could do it right KiwiiCo could. What a wonderful kit. My 10yo did this on her own - minimal mess and 2 lots of wonderful color changing slime. The only part that caused mess was cutting the tops off the dye. It splattered when I cut it but we’d got the table covered so no big deal. I LOVED that the kit included storage containers for the finished slime. A huge plus. The small work mat to cover the work area was good but not large enough. That being said I always cover the table completely before the children start a project like this so it wasn’t an issue. Useful work area to encourage keeping things together and not spreading them out everywhere! The color changing aspect is fantastic and provided a lot of fun. Well done KiwiCo. I still won’t attempt DIY slime on my own but this kit meant my daughter got to experience the science and fun of it and there was minimal cleanup for me!

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