Ages 5+
Ages 5+



What you get

Get eggcited for science! Conduct a series of egg-themed experiments that show physics, chemistry, and biology in action. Color eggs using chemical reactions, create sparkly eggshells through crystallization, and more! Eggsplore the scientific method in a hands-on way, all while seeing bubbly, fizzy, bouncy, sparkly science at work!

Eggs not included.

Warning: These eggs are for decoration only — not for eating!




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Turns out, there are a ton of awesome experiments you can do with eggs. This kit gets your eggs fizzing, dissolving, bouncing, growing, shrinking, and more!

By the numbers

Eggs boiled during development: 51

Raw eggs dropped during development: 3

Number of awesome experiments included in this crate: 5



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Nov 1 2022

Fun way to play with eggs. Only really like 2 experiments included, unless the plan is to get the shell off of multiple eggs to do similar activities. Fun with the colour but overall was done in a couple days

Oct 11 2022

Messy! But fun! My son loved this! I like that there are so many projects we can do with this one kit ! Such a steal for the price! Perfect activity to spend one on one time with your kids!

Apr 19 2021

The 5 year old twin grandkids loved this they have everything I’ve sent them from Kiwi.

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