Ages 0+
Ages 0+

Kellan Plushie


What you get

You asked for him, and we delivered! Play, learn, and explore with your very own Kellan plushie. Everyone's favorite koala makes the perfect cuddly companion for a Koala Crate kid — whether they're learning about science, making amazing art, or having a pretend-play adventure.

Dimensions: 12 inches (H) x 8 inches (W)

Material: Polyester

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Sawdust is man glitter
Jun 3 2020

Our oldest received a "small Kellan" with a bed and blanket in a previous crate. He has been tucking it in every night for some months and then one day he whispered into his ear that he wished he was Big. He awoke to a MUCH larger "Big Kellan" and was and still is blown away. Nice bit of magic with a bit of help from folks at KiwiCo. Solid plushie and he is BIG

Apr 19 2020

My son is two and loves all the Kellan books. We surprised him one night with Kellan. He was so excited that he yelled out ‘Koala!’ We were surprised but I guess he must’ve picked it up from the books! The only thing is my son loves to hold Kellan by his hand. Unfortunately big head and tiny arms don’t mix! I’ll be stitching some reinforcements under his arms when he sleeps. But overall this was worth it!!

Apr 13 2020

I originally bought this for me. When it came in our box my son said “I don’t want that” I told him it was for me. Within 10 minutes he was taking Kellan with him everywhere and now we have had to make room for him on the bed. Sad I lost my koala, but happy my son found a great new friend. It’s a good size and is surprisingly easy to cuddle with.