Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Koala Crate (3-Pack)

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What you get

Play, learn, and explore with this 3-pack of projects — perfect for little learners.

1. Glowing Nature
Explore nature with a glow-in-the-dark mushroom, firefly sock puppet, and a wiggling jellyfish race game.

2. Little Artist
Encourage little artists with a color-block painting project, abstract bead sculpture, and a personalized art smock.

3. Camping
Build your own glowing campfire and a beary fun backpack to use during your camping adventures.

All 3 projects delivered together.

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The amount of learning and enjoyment from these crates was/is exceptional! Quite a treat to watch a child light up and begin to understand the concepts behind the crates. Thank you!


I purchased this for my twin grand nephews (Caleb and James ) and they love it . I’ll be making purchases in the future for them.


My children have enjoyed these immensely. My 4 year old has loved the Koala crates. My 7 year old is learning so much from the Kiwi crates. Even my 16 year old has been learning and keeping busy with her craft boxes. These are well designed, age appropriate, and so fun and educational. Thank you KiwiCo!