Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Light-Up Menorah


What you get

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with some STEAM-themed family fun! Follow kid-friendly, step-by-step instructions to build and wire your very own light-up menorah. Decorate a set of custom candles using stencils and sandpaper, then pop a new candle into your menorah on each night of Hanukkah. When the colorful light from the LEDs shines through the sanded spots of your candles, refraction makes them glow de-light-fully bright! Ready to kick off the holiday season and get glowing?

• Each night of Hanukkah, add a new candle to your menorah. Candles light up when placed into the base!

• Includes the 9 acrylic candles you need to complete and use your menorah, plus 4 extras for even more design-and-decoration fun.

• Includes 5 stencil designs so you can mix, match, and customize your candles.

• Features energy-efficient LEDs so your menorah can be reused again and again.

• Comes with an 18-page instruction booklet packed with Hanukkah facts, marvelous menorahs around the world, and a look into the science of refraction that makes your candles glow.

• Menorah dimensions (with candles): 11.2 x 4 x 8.7 inches (28.5 x 10.2 x 22.1 cm)



From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

The inspiration for the candles, which glow in colorful patterns when slotted into place, comes from the meaning of the Hanukkah menorah itself. The menorah symbolizes a miracle, so I wanted the candles to have a magical appearance too! —Adi

By the numbers

Menorah prototypes made: 3

Electrical components tested: 4 LED strips, 3 wire configurations, 2 battery packs

Stencil designs tested: we lost count!

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