Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Light-Up Wire Art


What you get

Create two custom neon signs with EL wire. Choose from five existing templates, or create your own from scratch. Hang your creations or display one with the included wooden stand. Turn them on for an awesome glowing final effect.

As seen on: Good Housekeeping, Buzzfeed, and Red Tricycle



for 2

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Electroluminescent Wire (EL wire) is an epically fun material to make and create with. A little bit of electric current, and you've got a whole solid line of flexible, colorful glow!

By the numbers

Number of different images tested before landing on final 5 templates: 23

Laser cut stand iterations: 7

Awesome custom EL wire signs now hanging in our office: 4



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Oct 3 2022

Great crate idea and fun to do. Helps my daughter personalize her room.

Jun 1 2021

They loved doing it. Lots of fun & it looks really cute.

A 9 year old in CT
May 30 2021

It was fun to make, but it doesn't say in the instructions that you really need to center the back, which you do, particularly if you are using the hanging display, because otherwise it is more likely that the piece that it is hanging by will fall off

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