Ages 14+
Ages 14+

Punch Needle Pillow


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Explore textile art, with a project that packs a serious punch! Plan your design for your punch-needle pillow, transfer it onto the fabric, and mount it to the punch frame. Learn how to use (and thread!) your punch needle, so you can fill in your design with colorful, fluffy yarn. Finish off by sewing and stuffing your pillowcase — then display your completed work to show off your design stuff!

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From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

There is nothing better than using your hands to make something that is beautiful, functional, and so fun to touch!
- The KiwiCo Product Design team

By the numbers

Needle threaders lost forever: 4

Office volunteers that wanted to test the project: 16

Balls of yarn used: 33

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I bought these kits for myself, and for friends to do at a bachelorette party. The bride is quite the crafter and everyone had fun! The punch needle pillow turned out to be a longer project than a party but I still think it was AWESOME! My pillow is turning out so cute and soft. The videos have all the information you need. Also, punching a needle through fabric is pretty fun and mind soothing.

Andipanda1989's image 1

Super fun but it time consuming, I would recommend doing every other line for the background ( if you plan on doing a background). I enjoyed doing this project and love the finished product.

Heather Barton

One of my daughter's favorite craft from Kiwi! It was a great leisurely activity which also works to strengthen fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination!