Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Science of Cooking: Ice Cream


What you get

Science is never cooler than when you’re using it to make ice cream! Dig into a series of kitchen chemistry experiments and kid-friendly recipes for ice cream and sorbet — made using just the tools in this crate and some ingredients from home. Learn about the science behind ice crystals and freezing, how air is one of the most important ingredients in ice cream, and how stabilizers help keep dessert delicious. Then customize the included recipes to make all sorts of creamy concoctions — from choco-cherry ice cream to fresh fruit sorbet!

This crate does not include any food ingredients, including rock salt. Food prep tools should be washed before use.

the Crate Challenge



Notes Notebook

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I've had enough ice cream, said no one ever. That's why we wanted to be sure our ice cream–making tools would hold up to lots (and lots) of use.

By the numbers

Ice cream scoopers tested: 7

Batches of ice cream made: at least 15

Ice cream considered in testing of this crate: a lot, but we'd still eat more!



34 reviews

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Nov 17 2022

It was a great activity. Ice cream tasted really good. Directions were excellent but was very messy because lud on large jar did not have good seal.

Nov 17 2022

Great gift ! Kept 2 kids busy and happy for a few hours. A win win!

Nov 1 2022

Lots of fun to keep the kids entertained, she loved rolling it around and stirring. Made a great product from the recipes. Floors got salty from the melting ice, could potentially work on a better lid? Love we can re-use it over and over again

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