Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Science of Trees


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Explore biology and plant science! Use liquid color to create vibrant flowers and see capillary action work firsthand. Discover how trees use capillary action to get their nutrients and build a tree balancing game!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

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the Crate Challenge


From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

When the designer's son demanded a crate about trees, his mom delivered and turned a classic capillary action experiment into a cute STEAM activity. She was delighted to see her kids want to complete the experiment over and over and loved having the end results around to decorate their home. We hope you love it too!
- The KiwiCo Product Design team

By the numbers

Number of paints tested: 7

Number of absorbant papers tested: 12

Number of strings tested: 3

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The capillary action art was exciting and beautiful. It really made an impact.


Violet loved sending color to the flowers with the stems! She is now using them as decoration in her room. She also loved the game- her and her brother have played it several times!


One of my granddaughter's favorite crate so far! So informative and fun