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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Solar Lantern


What you get

Illuminate your adventures with a solar-powered lantern! Inside a wood lantern that you build yourself, a solar LED candle uses energy from the Sun to turn on in the dark — and turn off in the light. Learn about the Sun’s incredible energy, the electronics that make the candle work, and the ways people use eco-friendly solar power in the world around you. What a bright idea!




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

We tried using a battery-powered light in the lantern, but it was a hassle to turn on and off. The solar light fixed that by turning itself on and off — and as a bonus, it’s more environmentally friendly!

By the numbers

Wood pieces designed: 35

Test hours illuminated: 12

Nights we're afraid of the dark anymore: 0



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Sep 16 2022

My 4 year old twins loved putting this together with some minor help. The finished lantern is great - really good quality and they’ve loved using it as a nightlight. It’s going on it’s first camping trip soon!

Jun 8 2022

Our granddaughter really enjoyed putting it together and it works well.

Apr 16 2022

My 5 YO loved making this! She uses it in her forts all the time. It was a little complicated for her, but she still enjoyed putting it together with me.

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