Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Spooky Halloween Science


What you get

Discover the shocking science of static electricity with 3 spooky experiments! Raise paper ghosts from the grave with a static-charged wand. Make a mini jack-o’-lantern spark and flash with the help of a balloon. Send eyeballs rolling across a charged sheet and make them scoot away from your hand — all without actually touching them. Then keep the fun and learning going with more electrifying experiments you can conduct using materials from home!

• Design a spooky graveyard for a set of dancing paper decorations (including a ghost, a witch, and a bat). Use green air-dry clay to add hills, then place the wood tree and tombstones wherever you’d like.

• Get creative! Draw spooky or silly faces on your dancing decorations and wood decorations with the included marker. Then use the charged wand to make your paper decorations pop up.

• Build the mini jack-o’-lantern using a precut wood pumpkin and a light bulb, then light it up with balloon-powered static electricity.

• Craft a pair of spooky eyeballs using foam balls, foil, copper dots for the irises, and black dots for the pupils. Stick fence pieces to the sides of a wood box, top it with a clear sheet, then charge the sheet to make the eyeballs roll on their own!

• 13-page booklet includes a rundown of the static-powered science behind each experiment, plus tips and tricks for more static experiments to try at home — from bending water to picking up pepper.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

There were originally only two projects in this crate! In an early version of the dancing ghost graveyard, we had a flashing light bulb feature that our testers loved. They kept wanting to get a better look at it, and one kid thought the light would look spooky in a jack-o’lantern. So we took this brilliant idea and made a whole new pumpkin project!

By the numbers

Wood decorations prototyped: 17

Static-powered experiments tested: 6

Eyeballs that made a run for it: 3!



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Oct 12 2022

Grandsons really liked this.

Aug 31 2022

Sooooo cute! My grandson loved it and his parents were amazed at the little project, the quality, and that it also taught static electricity.

Happy Mama
Aug 30 2022

This is lot of fun! We had a blast making it and it looks cool.

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