Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Wind Cannon




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Aug 10 2020

This was super fun - so fun that it kept us both occupied and entertained to the point that I almost forgot to make lunch! I had previously said the drip irrigation one was the best, but this is by far better! :-D (partly because all those sprouts were moldy and sick, sadly). I do have one suggestion for you if you are getting this and haven't yet built it: cut only the very tips of the balloons and put them on the drum so that you have the knot to pull on - much easier for the kids if they have the knot to use as a handle! SUPER fun!

Feb 29 2020

It was easy enough for my 9 year old to complete with minimal help from me. I like that there were extra balloons since we needed them.

Jan 31 2020

I enjoyed how easy but challenging this crate was and how it includes a game. I always enjoy the extra things in the zine.

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